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Inventor of Printing Machinery - Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg was born in Mainz around 1398, Germany, listed as an inventor of the printing press the first time, the youngest son of the merchant class Friele Gensfleisch zur Laden, from his second wife Else Wyrich. According to some reports Friele was a goldsmith for the bishop at Mainz, but most likely he was also doing cloth trade as a source of income. Gutenberg birth year is not exactly known but most likely around 1398. He received his initial training as a goldsmith. In 1411, an uprising in Mainz, so he had to move to Strasbourg and lived there for 20 years. In Strasbourg, he lives by making barangan menyarai metal. Gutenberg mirror produces small ornaments for sale to salvation for Christian Religious Council. He then returned to Mainz and worked as a jeweler.

Idea Gutenberg paramount sparked when he worked as a goldsmith in Mainz. He got the idea to produce fruit with pardons cop form letters to print a letter of forgiveness to many that he should get a lot of money to pay its debts when he worked as a metal first. In those books and letters written by his gothic script by hand and contains a lot of errors when copying and slow.

By then, Gutenbert first letter makes reference to the use of lead metal to form a gothic script letters. In the beginning Gutenberg had produced nearly 300 form letters to imitate the handwriting in a row. After Gutenberg's printing press that moves them to print. The printing press is the greatest contribution Gutenberg move. After perfecting printing press movement, first Gutenberg printing a thousand pardons were misused by the Catholic Church to get money. Misuse of a stem emergence as the cantankerous than sesetengah Martin Luther.
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