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Biography Andrie Wongso - Motivator Indonesia

Biography Traces - Biography  Andrie Wongso - Motivator Indonesia. Have the motivation and determination to achieve that picture of myself from Andrie Wongso, holds Despite SDTT [Elementary School Not Completed] but thanks to a strong determination to deliver successful Andrie Wongso become the Number One Motivator in Indonesia. Andrie Wongso who was born December 6, 1954 in the city of Malang, East Java, is living in a financial limitations, it is the 2nd child of 3 brothers. At the age of 11 years (6th grade), was forced to quit school because the school places andrie small mandarin school closed. So SDTT, Not End Elementary School, is the title it bears today. Childhood to adolescence was then passed to help their parents make and sell cakes around to the shops and markets. At the age of 22 years, Andrie decided to go to Jakarta to alter the fate of the one that is ready to face any determination on the front with a bold and honest. So began working as a salesman soap products to the clerk.

The sales job gave him enough time vacant, the room filled with practicing kung fu. Kungfu is not only martial arts, but also contains the values ​​of discipline, responsibility, commitment, struggle and willpower. The great value of this increasingly shaping identity Wongso Andrie. In addition, parents Andrie obstinacy in the face of poverty also plays a major role in the formation of her character. When action movies from Taiwan dominate Indonesian cinema widescreen, Andrie young heart was intrigued to become a movie star. To reach this goal, in 1978 Andrie stopped working and began to send applications to companies in Hong Kong films. But for three months not a single film company called him. Times it is a tough time for young Andrie. He suffered tremendous mental pressure. Life stressors experienced did not stop there. At the same time, one of his parents died. Not an easy thing for us to imagine, let alone face the anguish experienced by Andrie Wongso. Young Andrie home to Malang. In 1979 returned to Jakarta to tempt fate. This time Andrie appear as a shop assistant who only serve buyers but could not get into the store, aka half porters.

To fill in spare time, Andrie increasingly young adulthood founded a martial arts school named Hap Kun Do. Until the end of the train kungfu income earned is greater than the salary as a shop assistant. This is where the back appears to be a movie star dreams. Andrie then quit his job and practicing martial arts intensively for two weeks, then send us a photo and a cover letter to Hong Kong. Borrowing layman terms, the goddess Fortuna was still not in favor of him. Three months of living with no income is not an easy thing to go through, because it was he was trying to motivate yourself. Three months later, the fruit of good karma to him. Andrie apply as a movie star and is accepted by the Hong Kong Film Eterna company, with a contract for 3 years. In 1980, for the first time Andrie abroad. After passing 3 years experience grief like playing a movie in Taiwan, Andrie know, the world is not the world of the movie and then he decided to return to Indonesia.

Upon returning to Indonesia, he had decided not to renew his contract. Many people expressed Andrie fail because there is no one else that represents the film as the main star. Andrie successful but felt himself mentally in the fight for a dream come true. Marking each event has passed, likes to put it in the form of Andrie's aphorisms in his diary. When one roommate cheating words he made, from where came the idea to make a greeting card aphorisms, for purposes other than to motivate yourself, as well as to help motivate others through greeting cards. Assisted by her lover Haryanti Lenny (now wife) was born in 1985 then in Harvest. At first the business was not run easily, a variety of rejection and obstacles are always approached. Starting from the card sales circumference of a boarding room, the venture a success. Harvest Until now the company has had several companion. Andrie Wongso arguably since the 80s has become a motivator for Harvest products initially in the form of cards containing motivational sayings that evolved.

into other innovative products. For 1992 are Andrie Wongso momentum to plunge in total in the field of motivation from the 'enlightenment' is acquired after studying Buddhism in greater depth.

In the field of training motivation, Andrie initiated a philosophical Action and Motivation Training Wisdom that comes from the teachings of Buddha, the law of the mind, the law of change and the law of cause and effect. Famous philosophy of Andrie Wongso is "Success is My Right" who was born six years ago. Training provided Andrie Wongso not limited to Buddhist circles, but has penetrated to all levels, good colleges, state enterprises, private companies, athletes and others. Then diversified companies was done, venturing into the field of holography, toy companies, managing to overshadow some foodcourt and education and coaching, motivation training Andrie founded AW and AW Publising, Multimedia and opened several outlets AW Success Shop is the first store in Indonesia that specialized in selling motivational products.

Since 1989, he became speaker / motivator internal PT. Harvindo Perkasa (Harvest Fans Club in different cities), and from this, then he often did training motivation, not only for Harvindo but also for a variety of companies and agencies. Now, he was dubbed the No. Motivator. 1 in Indonesia. Then, his title plus TBS, which means But Can Succeed. That Andrie Wongso, SDTT, TBS.
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