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Biography Rusdi Kirana - Owner Airlines Lion Air

Biography Traces - Biography  Rusdi Kirana - Owner Airlines  Lion Air. Airlines Lion Air, Indonesia many people are already familiar with one of the airlines that has the motto "We Make People Fly" is coming from Indonesia, in addition to the flight area in Indonesia, one of the other advantages is the ticket prices are quite affordable compared to airline Other airlines in Indonesia, one of the owners of Lion Air is Rusdi Kirana Kirana Kusnan with his brother. Rusdi Kirana who was born on August 17, 1963. Born into a family of merchants, is indeed the father of three children educated by hard by her family. That's the Lion Air to raise his lunch. Rusdi Kirana began his career as a typewriter salesman America `Brother`. Together with his brother Kusnan Kirana, first they built a company with a travel agency, and then set up with a capital of one airline jet in June 2000. Kirana brothers from the beginning had a dream to build an aviation business that they want to develop to be successful.

Three months later, the airline Rusdi tempted to sell it for the $ 1 million (USD 10 billion), but he said his wife stopped him. Both brothers are considering selling shares of the company for more than $ 1 billion last year, but decided against it because the market is not conducive. At that time, many people predicted Lion Air will not last long. Therefore, the experience of running a business travel agency is considered to be very different from its own aircraft carrier. In addition to working hard, Rusdi Kirana is known as a humble person. He was easy to get along with people and always appear simple at every opportunity. Rusdi say that it's all come because her parents educational background. In addition, Rusdi also said that business that they can be successful because he always tried to give satisfaction to others. With these principles, Rusdi Kirana is now known as a pioneer in low-cost country. In fact, he had been named as the most influential business leaders of a national economic media. Now, the company has also been getting some airline alliances worldwide with the world.
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