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Charles Dickens Biography - Author Roman And Novel

Biography Traces - Charles Dickens Biography - Author Roman And Novel. Charles Dickens called Charles John Huffam Dickens was complete was a roman author/novel during the reign of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (United Kingdom) are quite popular. Charles Dickens was born in Landport, United Kingdom, February 7, 1812 and died in London aged 58 years on June 9, 1870.
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Beginning in 1827, Dickens had attended the Wellington House Academy. In may, he got a position at the law firm of Ellis and Black more, thanks to her mother's connections, which forced him to quit school. November 1828, he moved to the law firm of Charles Molley, still with the same position but only lasted five months, because it feels the law is not a suitable career for him.
In 1829 he became a shorthand Court and must learn Gurney so that he could write quickly, this can be done easily because he has strong memories. In fact he had become an actor. He even wanted to audition for the Lyceum Theater, but he fell ill. At the age of 18 years, Dickens often appear to read the works of William Shakespeare, History of England by Goldsmith, also a Short Account of The Roman Senate by Berger.
Charles Dickens then became a reporter for the True Sun (1830-1832), Mirror of Parliament (1832-1834), and The Morning Chronicle (1834-1836). Dickens is known as a quick and accurate reporter.
Here are some of the main works of Charles Dickens:
  • The PickwickPapers (1836)
  • OliverTwist (1837-1839)
  • NicholasNickleby(1838-1839)
  • The OldCuriosityShop (1840-1841)
  • BarnabyRudge(1841)
  • Booksabout Christmas:
  • A Christmas Carol(1843)
  • TheChimes(1844)
  • TheCricketon theHearth(1845)
  • TheBattle ofLife (1846)
  • MartinChuzzlewit(1843-1844)
  • DombeyandSon (1846 –1848)
  • DavidCopperfield(1849 –1850)
  • TheBleak House(1852-1853)
  • HardTimes (1854)
  • LittleDorrit(18551857)
  • A Tale of TwoCities (July 11,1859)
  • Great Expectations(1860-1861)
  • OurMutualFriend (1864-1865)
  • The Mystery ofEdwinDrood(unfinished) (1870)
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