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Biography Of Johnny Depp - Actor In Movie Pirates of The Caribbean

Jhonny deep was born with the name is John Christopher Depp II, He Was born at June 09, 1963, In Owensboro, Kentuckey, USA. He also grow up in USA, Florida. Johnny Depp is a actor at the prestigious Academy Award to famous  and never crowned. Because of skill in the actor belong Jhonny Depp always get a reward in the brilliant appearance when acting. 

Johnny Depp is the son of John Christopher Depp Sr dan Betty Sue Wells, His father worked as a civil engineer and his mother was a waitress. Related affair, traveling love Johnny Depp is not as smooth as his career. Of the many women who have become her lover, only someone named Lori Anne Allison officially became his wife. Johnny married Lori Anne on December 24, 1983. However, her marriage to Lori Anne Allison did not last long, because they choose to divorce on March 7, 1986.

Jhonny deep also faalin in love with a actress of the Edward's Scissorhand one of movie and also dating a British supermodel Kate Moss. But abaout the relationship with each other Jhonny deep also good attitude with the parents althought he was split up.

Career of Jhonny Deep most impressive actor in the Hollywood film industry. 
He was cast as Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: "The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2013".

He also dropped out of school at the age of just turned 15 years old. However, his life begins to change when Johnny and his wife, Lori Anne Allison decided to move to Los Angeles. In the new town, Johnny met with Nicolas Cage is none other than the famous actor Johnny Depp towards delivering a career in the film world. The first film that starred the A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. 

Name: John Christopher Depp II
Nick Name: Johnny Depp
Date of Born: 09 Juni 1963
Was Born: Owensboro, Kentucky, AS
Zodiac : Gemini
High of Body: 178 cm
Personal:   USA
Father: John Christopher Depp, Sr
Mother : Betty Sue Wells
Doughter: D.P Depp, Debbie dan Christi Dembrowski
Wife : Lori Anne Allison (cerai)
Children : Lily Rose Melody Depp dan John ‘Jack’ Christopher Depp III
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