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Biography Abraham Lincoln - The President of the United States Peace

Biography Traces - Biography Abraham Lincoln - The President of the United States Peace. Lincoln was born in Kentucky, USA, where his father worked as a Carpenter. He had lost his mother from an early age, his father later remarried. But Lincoln and his sister very loves his stepmother's.

Lincoln child grow up to be tall and strapping youth. His clothes are always never seem to fit. Sleeves are always short and feels his pants always hang above the ankles. When observed, it seems he does not deserve to become great ones at a later date, which turned out to be realized.
The first time Lincoln saw Slavery, is when he hired transports for carrying payloads to New Orleans in 1828. Later, when he visited the city for the second time, he made a promise to himself that he had to remove this slavery practices.

Lincoln did not follow such education in General, but he actively taught to read and write until it managed to become a lawyer. Although sometimes he is considered a ' homo ' by his neighbors because of his behavior and how to dress, but he simply socializing to local people. This is solely because he has a sense of humor that always stand out and make others ecstatic. Her first love is falling on a woman named Anne Rutledge, owner of a neighboring child home stay in which he lived. Anne's father was the one who suggested Lincoln's foray into the world of politics.
In his early career, Lincoln was elected as member of PARLIAMENT for the region of Illinois in 1834. Then re-elected in 1838 and 1840. At that time, he met a man named Stephen Douglas, who would later become rivals in both a matter of love and political affairs. Mary Todd, their fighting for women, originally from Kentucky, prefer the Lincoln as husband, but their marriage was not a happy one. In 1842, after a year of their marriage, Lincoln opened a law firm with a friend named William h. Herndon. The friendship the two men apparently survived until the end of life of Lincoln. Later in the day, Herndon was the one who wrote a biography of Abraham Lincoln.

In 1846, Lincoln was elected to Congress. But its membership is not renewed as he proposed the laws to end slavery in the District of Columbia. Because of disappointment, he went back to enable the Bureau of the ruling. He stopped his political activities for some time, but then she was known by the public as an honest lawyer.
In fact, Lincoln could not stop too long from the world of politics. In 1854, the issue of slavery led him to plunge back into the world of politics. It seems he had to compete with Stephen Douglas, who tried to subdue the South Americans in favor of slavery, while the northern region against it. Lincoln did not think that half of the country maintain the practice of slavery when half brothers and countrymen to oppose. She thinks, it's unlikely her people consist of half slave half instead. However, it turns out Lincoln knocked in the first round against Douglas, U.s. Senate seats contested.

Never once did I strive to be remembered for this, my life, my world service right on the events around, for my age and generation solely for myself entwined with something important to my fellow.

That's the words of Abraham Lincoln when he was 32 years old. The disappointment that came in quick succession brought him to a point where he wanted to end his life. Lincoln wrote the above words when he decided to start a new sheet in his life.
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